Archive: Neon Moon – Feathered Erotica

Feathers. Nothing but feathers. On your clothes. In your face. Even in the crack of your arse.

I guess that’s The Neon Moon Club for you.

Fun. Fun. Fun.

With a dress code featuring anything sexy and vintage, we got to see tough-as-nails/sexy-as-hell gothic knee high boots, dainty wings and peacock suits. Big hats, small hats, leather, lace, corsets and waistcoats. Plus a little bit of latex slipped in for fetishism and pleasure ;).

As for the location, the Cambridge Union Society is pretty dark and cool and elegant in itself – the Morticia Addams of Cambridge’s late night venues. Halls wander and wind into and out of each other with something enjoyable lurking around every corner: a seductive surprise; an indecent encounter; a little love on the side and a wild tale to tell.

But enough about the avenues of ecstasy and deceit (tangents, darlings, tangents), let’s get on with the show.

The performers were a pretty little pick and mix of pleasure, leisure, tattoos and leotards. Oh, and hula hoops, wings, tassels, and moustaches.

Led perfectly by the mischievous and ingenious Natalya Umanska, the line up of acts and artists ripped through a badass bitches brew of wicked walla-walla, giving the elegantly dressed audience a night of wild things to whoop and holler at. Does that sound too American? Perhaps I should say ‘things to say hooray for’ instead?

Funny you should say that, because with his world infamous Chap-Hop, the notorious Mr B – the gentleman rhymer – served up a treat as the headline act by taking music into a another dimension. Perhaps there’s a parallel universe somewhere far out amongst the cosmos where rappers decked out in plaid are covering Mr B’s Chap-Hop?

It’s a funny old world.

Nice work if you can get it.

But either way, Mr B and his music is something completely rorty and rampant. Slayer riffs, Shamen lyrics, rave tunes, and a few other flirtations, with several decades of mayhem all added up to a cool cocktail of chaos. Not bad for a man with a moustache and an intrepid addiction to banjolele madness.

We even got a stage invasion and a little bit of nudity.

I guess rhythm is a dancer after all.

Speaking of dancers, the super kool Chi Chi Revolver and her hula-hoop clown act – now that was quite frankly a gas. Chi Chi’s second performance of the night – a candied-neon rave up complete with flashing hulas and a look of almost innocent surprise – left everyone in the room beautifully and utterly thunderstruck.

Over the course of the night the dearest and the decadent whether drunk, stoned or high, behaved eloquently and exquisitely, all while being treated to a fine array of sweeties, naughties and dandies.

As midnight came and went, we were teased by Talulah Blue, seduced by the Shaw Sisters, and wowed by Mr and Mrs Fox. Even Madame Umanska got a teensy bit naked with her petal routine.

Whether their acts involved feathers, sequins, acrobatics or romantics, the night felt like a rip-roaring event for everyone involved.

Sumptuous and delicious, Neon Moon went off like a hungry, swooping vampire.

‘Now fuck off and get wonderfully drunk, darlings!’

P.S – A special little mention should go to the clothing stall owners for their fine selection of items. Good people.

Please prance along to The Neon Moon club for further information about upcoming shows.

Photo Gallery

Images courtesy The Neon Moon Club, Black Cravat Photography, Johannes Hjorth Photography


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