The World According to Natalya Umanska

“Cute, cheeky and burning with mischief, Natalya has strong arms, toned legs,
and is quite frankly the sexiest swearer I’ve ever heard!”

That’s what I wrote back in January after I’d seen Natalya compere at the Neon Moon New Year’s Eve Ball. It was the second time I’d seen Natalya live, but on this occasion she completely owned the show. The write up was even titled ‘For the Love of Natalya Umanska.

Natalya performs burlesque, aerial hoop, piano, and loads more. She’s one of those multi-talented buggers who can entertain in a hundred different ways at exactly the same time.

Ways like these, for example…

“There’s something very endearing about the snappy delivery of the words ‘fucking’ or ‘naked’ that can make a man break down and cry. And there’s something extra endearing about the way she uses hand written notes to read out who is performing next…

…Natalya’s a bit of a surrealist in the finest Salvador Dali tradition. And I think that is what I actually love the most. I also think she’d be great at narrating fairy tales, Roald Dahl and Lewis Carroll. That would be really fun to hear.”

More on all of the above later 😉

Along with her solo performances, Natalya also runs two events in and around Norwich, UK – Dr Sketchy’s burlesque art, and her own Theatre de Decadence.

All in all, Natalya’s a naughty treasure and so much fun to be around that you can’t help but desire to be toyed with 😉

So we thought she’d made a good candidate for a package feature. Thankfully this isn’t
the kind of package deal where you get the clap, a bad case of alcohol poisoning, and a marriage to someone you met while drunk on a rollercoaster. Although I guess anything could happen 😉

It’s the type of package where you get to read, listen, look and have fun. And for that it’s actually kind of sexiful, don’t you think?

Natalya spoke to us over a glass of Absinthe while she sat in the comforts of her boudoir…

Ladies and Gentlemen…The World According to Natalya Umanska! 

1. Getting started in Burlesque…

2. So what about those handwritten notes…

3. The Aerial Hoop!

4. A show with fucking unicorns!

5. A chair of pencils…and a bed of nails!

6. Fairy Tales!

7. Gallery!

For the eagle eyed among you there are a few Easter eggs to be found somewhere in the text. Can you find them?  😉

For even more of Natalya, please hoop along to You can also check out Dr Sketchy’s Norwich and Theatre de Deceadence. xx

(apologies for a few little sound Gremlins here and there – we can assure you that Natalya isn’t a robot!)

Image credits: Black Cravat Photography,  Lena Mae Lenman, Joe Black Photography,  Sam Holden, Verena Gremmer, and Snapitude Photography.


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