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The Apothecary
Haunt, 9th May 2018

Host: Driscoll Bleak 
Hans Euff, Hester Hawthorn, Dickie Dalliance, Miss Ruby Dagger, Lady Inteprid, Lady Lisette Ruby, Len Blanco

Time is tight so it’ll be breezy captions galore on this occasion! [also… several months have passed since the show so we actually can’t truly verbalise all that happened] Anyway…


I was late getting to the show so unfortunately I didn’t catch the first act… who I believe was LEN BLANCO. We’re hugely sorry, so here’s a big picture of you in action:

Len Blanco by Jon Ellis


As for the rest of the show… some strange lady in a doll mask started waving to me when I walked down the stairs and into the cellar venue. I actually had no idea who the hell it was, but it turned out to be…


Ahh, the intrepid one was the lady in the doll mask. She’s taken it off in the picture below, but it was a sight… styled like a porcelain doll face.

Lady Intrepid by Jon Ellis 1

But what of the act? Fiery! But not actual fire, just a massive sense of it. Light a fire in a Mason jar and let it burn, then open the lid and let it flame out, then shift it around in your hands trying not to get burned or singed… that’s what this was like. Very fucking cool.

Oh, and as we like to say at MG:

Lady Intrepid by Jon Ellis



Driscoll Bleak by Jon Ellis 1

Ah, but now a game! A game of madness and mime… interpretation dance to newspaper headlines. That’s the idea, but I have no fucking idea what was actually going on here:

A game by Jon Ellis

Any ideas? No?

Better get onto the next act then. Which is…


Ya see…this is what happens when you don’t imprison Morris Dancers in a giant Wicker Man. They get all loose and naughty and SLAP! their way about the stage… and then take off all of their clothes to a song about men dressed in leather!

Dickie Dalliance by Jon Ellis 1

Look…the filthy cow has even donned latex…

Dickie Dalliance by Jon Ellis 2

Cheeky fucker!

Gotta say, probably one of the best acts we’ve seen this year! Well done Dickie! And great latex. Ha ha!




Fuck, it’s Driscoll Bleak!

Driscoll Bleak by Jon Ellis 2

And I believe from my notes he’s off and running on a discourse about meditation…

Look! It’s even created some MARIPOSA meditation…

Bop by Jon Ellis


Bop: “You changed my life man!”

Driscoll: “I’ve changed all your lives!”

He has…and another hallucination follows:


BIG BIG BIIIIIIGGGGGG! hair, huh? Look at the corset and skirt and stripey socks. What madness!

Hester by John Ellis

It seems one hallucination follows another…


This lady bounced onto the stage in a baseball cap and a hoodie… it was either call the police or enjoy the show.

So we enjoyed the show!

Lady Lisette Ruby by Jon Ellis

No what’s this… another piece of interpretative dance? Lots of that today.


With an act that is apparently ‘based on a British Sunday’.

So one long hangover filled with mournful soul searching and ounces of regret?


It’s a shower dance, a towel dance, a kissing on the door dance, an eating lunch dance…a wine dance and a Happy Sunday dance.

I’m clearly living incorrectly.


Last act! So no more hallucinations for at least five minutes! Who do we have? We have:


Very cool playing cards on the head… and an act filled with danger. This act was filled with staples and chaos and nails and face-offs. Usually this line is reserved for Pudzey Payaso… but…


Ruby Dagger by Jon Ellis

Ah, don’t that feel good. And then Ruby Dagger went and jumped onto some glass…

Ruby Dagger by Jon Ellis


And what a cool way to close the show.

As Aldo Raine would say…



All photos by Jon Ellis.

The Apothecary

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