Archive: MG chats to Burlesque performer Lady Intrepid

“I’m not sure how wax play came into things … I think I was looking for something to pour on myself that wasn’t glitter! Plus it feels so good!”

F*** that sounds great! More on that later 😉

MG took a break earlier this and when we returned one of the first people to say welcome back was Lady Intrepid. Such sweetness and kindness from someone you don’t know deserves something special in return. So an interview is a fine way to show some appreciation.

Lady Intrepid’s a burlesque performer in the UK – both solo and as part of The Scarlet Vixens.

With big beautiful eyes, long red hair, a very slender figure, and a penchant for fire, wax, skulls, coffins, and little bit of PVC (especially a superb pair of boots!), Lady Intrepid looks like someone who is bundles of fun!

All in all she seems like one big awesome luxury. And we love things like that at MG.

Ladies and Gentlemen Lady Intrepid!

How did you get started in burlesque?

I first got into burlesque when I lived in Norwich and wanted to make new friends as well as try something new. I discovered a group called the Hot Boppin’ Girls who ran classes in the city, having been to a few shows at The Puppet Theatre organised by them. I was so nervous at my first class but found myself immediately addicted and knew I wanted to keep it up and hopefully perform someday.

What acts do you have and how long does it take you to create them?

I have several varying acts, some are still being brought to stage; others are being updated and altered. They are mostly dark and gothic but some surprise people by being the unexpected – Rain on Me is one of those. They vary in creation time. I have ideas in my head, sometimes years before they come to stage. On the other end of the spectrum, one of my acts took as little as 24 hours to create and costume.

Can you tell us some more about the Scarlet Vixens – how did you get involved with them and what do they do?

The Scarlet Vixens are my beautiful family; I have so much love for these incredibly talented women. There are twelve of us and together we are a burlesque and variety troupe based in Reading, Berkshire. We have regular shows in the south of England as well as all manner of private events from corporate to weddings and everything in between.

I got involved with them when I wanted to do more in the industry and discovered that they were looking for stage hands. I messaged them and was booked as a stage kitten. It was a blast; these girls are so fun, the evening was an absolute joy. I kittened a few times before hearing that they were auditioning for new members. I applied, auditioned, and to my surprise (as I was very much a newbie to stage at this point) got accepted. This was years ago and I have never looked back. I have flourished as a performer thanks to the support of these wonderful women who believed in me from the start and continue to help me develop as a performer.

What’s the maddest thing you’ve seen or done on stage?

Personally I think my acts are relatively tame at the moment – in comparison to what I have planned anyway. So wax pours are probably the maddest; people love them though and I love to perform them! I am slowly seeing how far I can enter into the fetish world on stage at our shows.

The maddest thing I have seen would probably be body suspension, which is a step too far for me I’m afraid; shall leave that one out of my repertoire and to the professionals”

Love to hear more about the wax play and fire eating. How did you get into doing that? And how much do you involve it in your performances?

I’m not sure how wax play came into things – I think I was looking for something to pour on myself that wasn’t glitter! Plus it feels so good!

Fire eating however was because I always force myself to face fears head on, so I went to Sarah Red at The Fire School London which was fantastic and I highly recommend her for all things hot and fiery! I practice when I can and plan to bring it to stage soon since I find fire acts mesmerising and I can’t wait to be creating that myself.

Photo by Dean Bostock Photography

Tell us a bit more about your skull collection…

Haha! The skull collection grew tenfold while I was travelling Europe, especially having gone to visit Kutna Hora in Czech Republic. I just find them incredibly fascinating and there is so much beauty in death. My mum has gravestones in her back garden so this sort of thing runs in our family.

We have to ask you about those long vinyl boots of yours…

The boots … I just had to have them; they are beautiful and will be coming out for a proper photo shoot in December, as it’s about time they got the recognition they deserve! So, watch this space.

If you had an unlimited budget what kind of show would you create and who would you ask to perform?

Oh wow, I am desperate for a coffin as a prop! I am forever having to tell myself to calm acts down as I am not in a music video and don’t have the budget for all these crazy and quite frankly over the top ideas!

It would be dark, sexy and gothic, with a fetish circus twist set in a derelict building, preferably a theatre. Derelict buildings are stunning and fascinating.

I would have to have all of The Scarlet Vixens of course, but I would also love to have Ruby Deshabille as she was a huge inspiration to me very early on and inspired me to enter into the industry having seen her perform, along with the wonderful Millie Dollar. Rubyyy Jones too, this woman is incredible, she blows me away and she’s just so gorgeous and lovely. For the boys it would have to be a talented friend of mine, Ryan Darling, who always wows an audience. And Ed Muir, who is the only person I have seen perform Chinese pole live and good god it’s incredible.
I should probably stop now or we will be here all night!

What else do you get up to away from your performances?

If I am not performing (or rehearsing) I am working and if I am not working, I am travelling. Apart from burlesque, my passion is travel! I love to meet people, visit strange places, try new food and experience different cultures.

What have you got coming up next?

I am performing at The Apothecary on December 6th having been away from stage while travelling around Europe since March. I am away for a further two months over Christmas to explore a bit of Australia, but when I return in February I plan to really jump into performing again. I have so many acts I want to create and costume, I just can’t wait. I have missed performing desperately this year. It is a part of me now.


You can catch Lady Intrepid at The Apothecary on December 6th, Haunt Restaurant, Stoke Newington, London. You can also find her on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


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