Note: This feature first appeared on the now defunct WHIP! magazine.

“I wish I had more latex. I want everything in latex!”

Canadian burlesque performer Miss Randi Lee is the proud owner of a particularly awesome Catwoman act. As you’d expect, her costume involves quite a bit of vinyl, leather and latex. I recently asked Randi if she wanted to contribute something to the magazine she produced this fantastic mini essay. Thanks Randi!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Miss Randi Lee…

Miss Randi Lee

Latex, latex, latex!

I think the first item of latex I ever wore was actually a thong that I bought from a costume shop on a chance trip to Las Vegas. This was during the creation of my first Catwoman costume, back when it had no other latex pieces. I would not really consider this to be my first latex experience though, as I always wore it over fishnets and I must say, latex on bare skin is a different experience.

From there, I dove in the deep end, giving Catwoman a big revamp about a year later. I got myself a latex bra, a couple pairs of pants, and the biggest challenge of all: full length gloves. I would say shopping for these upgrades was the first time I ever really put latex on, in a dressing/change room splendidly full of other shoppers and acquaintances from the stage. It was during one of those fabulous sales they do at Libidex, so it was nice and busy, such a fun environment to be having my first latex-trying-on experience in! Lots of helpful hands and tips.

Of course, the actual day-to-day reality of putting on the latex for Catwoman is quite different. It took a few trials to get the hang of getting in (and then hot-and-sweatily out) of it. Baby powder has come to be my best friend and ally. Timing, too, can be quite tricky when performing in latex. Waiting to go on stage I never want to be rushed but I also don’t want to be stuck sitting in my latex and full costume too soon (due to the aforementioned hot and sweatiness!). But once that latex is on … damn do I feel sexy!

After the process of getting them on is complete, I love the feeling of polishing up those gloves and how they shine like liquid on my skin. I wish I had more latex. I want everything in latex! Of course, these thoughts fade as my elbow pits start to cut off circulation and once I step off the stage, back into reality and out of Catwoman brain, I instantly want to rip it all off.

Latex, for me, is like another character I can step into. I love the way it makes me feel when I wear it. It’s similar to putting on a great corset or even a barely-there, lace lingerie set. The bodily sensation, the look of it, the feel of it, and the mindset it puts me in; I’m sure it brings out different emotions and desires in everyone (even if that emotion is sometimes claustrophobia…) but for me, it’s generally “Me-ow!”

We know you want to, so please squeak along to You can also read Randi’s interview with Mardi Gras magazine.

Andre Goulet

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