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Based in Helsinki, Finland, Sadie Scissors is a smart little fiend. She’s interested in art, theatre, costume making and writing, and she’s fluent in four different languages.

Sadie covers a lot of ground with her modelling: fetish, lingerie, nudes, characters and cosplay; she can handle every genre going in her own little way.

Cute, sexy, friendly, naughty, and naturally very cool, Sadie’s a really fun person to talk to. And I’m glad we did! I think you’ll be as enchanted as we are.

P.S. She also seems like a bit of a badass 🙂

Ladies and Gentlemen, Sadie Scissors.

How did you first get involved in modelling?

I guess I was always interested, even as a girl, but I only entered a contest a few years ago. I met some people, got my foot in the door with my sewing, and ended up styling a few shoots. I was sort of flung in front of the camera, and I loved it, so it became a regular thing.

How would you describe yourself as a model?

I try to be as versatile as possible and I take my work seriously. I work really hard and everyone I’ve ever worked with has asked me back. I’m polite and on time and I’m friendly and relaxed.

What excites you about your modelling work?

The opportunities: meeting new people, travelling, going to interesting places, and learning new things.

What do you look for in a photographer/collaborator?

In TFP, I look for a concept, an idea I like; a certain style and an interest in the subject. For paid projects I basically just follow instructions, haha. Like everyone, I like to work with down-to-earth people and people who are passionate about what they do.

You look very free and at ease in your shoots. What would you say your secret is?

Thank you! I go into character. I practice in front of a mirror and prepare by thinking about the story and motivation of my character. I have a past in amateur theatre so it comes naturally. As soon as the shots are taken I start laughing and go back to goofing around again and trying to make everyone laugh!

I like the way that you manage to mix avant-garde horror with glamour in your work. Some of your work involves looks that are pretty but dark below the surface. Others involve aggressive styles that have a subtle sweetness to them. What methods do you use to create this? Or is this something subconscious?

Again, thank you! It’s something I’ve practised a lot. Nothing is accidental. I use past experiences to get myself into that mental place to achieve those looks and the ambiance.

Photo by VKE - Fine Art Photography
Photo by VKE – Fine Art Photography

Your shoots with vke – fine art photography are really special. What was that experience like?

I really like VKE as a person, and I enjoy working with him. He pushes me, and I like how he knows what he likes, and his style.

The first time we shot, I didn’t want to do nudes because I was very self-conscious about my body. So much so, that I was seriously considering plastic surgery. He talked me into it though, even though I was a little apprehensive.

When VKE sent me the photos from the shoot, I was amazed. The way my body looked: bony, a little androgynous, and hard, was beautiful. I’d never seen myself, and not like that. I relaxed, and the “issues” went away. I accept my body now, thanks to those photos.

The time after, we just sat around and laughed, and the time after that we ended up arguing about what to do. I trust him, and I value his opinion and we can get into an argument and come out of it laughing because I trust his vision. But that’s what a good work-relationship should be like.

Your nude work is incredibly good – it is both beautiful and darkly challenging. How much of it do you like to do? Are you comfortable being naked in front of the camera? And if so, how quickly did you become comfortable?

Thanks to VKE, I became comfortable with it. I only do nudes with a few carefully selected photographers. It’s sort of as if people think that if you take your clothes off once, you’ll do it for anyone. I like doing nude art, and people really like seeing tattooed women naked, haha.

Great tattoos! Please can you tell us about them:

Thanks! I started small with a Moomin on my leg when I was 19, and then over time I got several on my arm. The second sleeve was started and is still not done, my wonderful artist Shum changed studios. Next my friend Riina of Syrena Tattoo started my back, and I got the pentagrams on my legs meanwhile. Milla of La Muerte Ink Studio did my nautical feet. There are plans for more tattoos, I’ll try to get the big projects finished first though. There are only a few sessions left on my back, and then we’re moving onto my chest.

What other creative work do you like to get involved in?

I studied Art History at university but never made it past freshman year, and then I studied to be a seamstress. I sew and knit and crochet, but I also write. I have a DIY blog and I like making stuff. I use what I have around, it’s fun. I’m pretty good at writing, I won awards and was published several times in my early teens already.

What is coming next for you? And what kind of creative or modelling work are you looking to do in the future?

Creatively speaking, I’m always looking for new opportunities. There will be traveling and more genre-photos and bigger things. I’m just getting started.

You can see further images and learn a little bit more about Sadie at her official Sadie Scissors website.



Arto Markkanen Photography
Valokuvaaja Jarno Lindholm
Narikka Photography
Jukka Jalkanen
VKE – Fine Art Photography
Studio Majamaa
Eliza Rask Photography

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