Archive: Interview with Alt/Fetish Model Kira Krueger

Kira Krueger can easily be described as an intense and sometimes fierce model that can dominate the camera, page and screen. A petite pocket badass standing at 5 ft 3 out of heels, Kira has so much dominance running through her work that she even makes this 6 ft writer feel short.


Which is perfect, because Kira’s work features a combination of dark fetish/high fashion looks that are both natural and futuristic at the same time.

Based in Manchester, UK, Kira’s half Thai/half Welsh, and a big fan of cosplay, PVC and latex, which she wickedly combines in her modelling work.

A one inch punch of positivity, Kira’s dark, daring, sweet and exciting, without ever having to prove it in any shape or form.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Kira Krueger…

How did you first get involved with fetish/alternative modelling?

The first pictures in fetish wear I had taken professionally were completely by chance back in 2001. I came into work and got told to go pose with the bar supervisor for the local paper (the M.E.N) to promote the club I worked for ‘Satan’s Hollow’.

At the time the uniform was a red PVC waist coat and red UV devil horns, because I loved dressing up, I was wearing a short black and red PVC miniskirt, fishnet stockings, suspenders and massive 6 inch platform boots. I never saw the pictures but I was told by some regulars of the club that it looked good and they had the feature pinned to the door in their staff room.

Believe it or not, I’m not an exhibitionist – I would say I’m more of a fetishist. I did my first actual shoot in 2005 with a fetish photographer in Leeds, called Richard Walker. We ended up having so much fun, we lost track of time and shot for 12 hours! That was the first time I saw and fell in love with Cathouse Clothing in person, as he had a giant toy box full of it. He liked the pictures so much, he used them for an exhibition called Exploring Fetish. I was so nervous in front of the camera but I came out of my shell in no time and was keen to shoot again afterwards. I ended up being signed to a few alt agencies: Satanic Sluts, Living Dead Girls, Dark Arts, Poison Arts as well as seeking castings myself via online portfolio hosting sites like Net-Model and Model Mayhem.

What challenges have you faced when it comes to modelling work?

I’m really shy and I don’t like to be pushy or force myself onto people for collaborations. I don’t work up to nude either, which is sometimes a hindrance.

Latex really compliments your looks and style. You’re wearing IT as opposed to IT wearing you. Are you looking to design your own fetish wear in the future? If so, what would you like to create?

When I first met Latex Fashion TVs owner, Cole Black back in 2005 at a fetish night called Rubber Riot I was telling him about my business Tokyo Royale. I was designing lolita and cosplay outfits and having them manufactured and I really wanted to do the range in latex too. I still kick myself I didn’t now. I got a latex making kit by Lady Allura’s Latex for Christmas off my boyfriend, so I’m intending to make some cosplay pieces just for myself. Leeloo from the movie The Fifth Element’s bandage outfit would be fun to make too.

How involved are you with the fetish world in Manchester? How big is fetish there?

I go to Club Lash in Manchester – they recently celebrated their 17th birthday! I am walking the catwalk at Sexhibition ( A huge two day Fetish event) in August this year, and I was one of the co- promoters for the first return to Manchester in a decade by Torture Garden. There is a definite kinky side to Northerners!

Teacher Photo by John Farrar Photography
Photo by John Farrar Photography

What was your first latex or fetish related outfit? And what is your favourite outfit that you’ve worn or own?

My first outfit was a black thong, black zip front cupped corselette and latex stockings by Cocoon Latex. I still had them all until recently! I used to wear A LOT of PVC by Phaze and Misfitz on a daily basis from the age of seventeen till my mid twenties. I’ve been obsessed with latex since I started subscribing to Skin Two Magazine when I was seventeen. The black thong was my first latex piece, a birthday present from my friend Nina for my 19th Birthday I believe.

That is a really tough one! My favourite outfit was probably a blood drip playsuit set that Cathouse Clothing had made up for Masuimi Max that I got to model. I love my latex mermaid tail by House of Harlot and my Libidex miltary blazer.

Personal fetishes aside, what really attracts and excites you about the fetish world?

It’s like visual candy to me, to see all the latex outfits, hats, wonderful shoes, hair and make up. I love the escapism of it. I don’t like seedy fetish clubs, I love decadent fetish club nights, it just makes everything else seem that bit racier.

The Star Trek latex shoot is awesome. Who came up with that idea and how much work did you have to put in?

Lady Allura’s Latex designed the dress and I snapped it up! I was due to shoot with Evolutionary Images, who was really excited when I told him what I had just bought. He put the most work in really, doing all the backgrounds.

Star Trek, The Matrix, Tron, tell us about your love of cosplay, and which character/outfit do you love the most?

Like the fetish world, I love it for the escapism. I love to be able to represent these feisty, kick ass, intelligent, riot grrrls. I absolutely Love Catwoman, so that shoot with my boyfriend in a tight lace latex corset by Cathouse Clothing was my favourite. Quorra from Tron with Illusionary Arts Photography was my dream shoot. Uhura from Star Trek was great fun. My Tank Girl/ Jet girl mash up was ace too, jumping about on a warehouse full of tanks!

Tokyo Royale looks really cool. Can you tell us a bit more about it?

I opened it in 2006 in Manchester’s World famous Afflecks Palace. It is basically my Japan-a-rama loving dream. We started off as the first UK shop to sell handmade Lolita designs, but then moved into doing bits of cosplay and more harajuku street style inspired clothing. Check it out at

What do you like to get up to when you’re not modelling?

I recently helped out at Analogue Trash Records‘ new Radio show and I was poster child for a number of years for Analogue Trash Club which I help as hostess giving out Ahoj shots. I crew at their retro gaming and chip tune festival ‘Superbyte’ every year.

I like to read, watch series on Netflix like American Horror Story, Dexter, Breaking bad, The Returned, Luther, Daredevil. I also love Arrow, Flash, Game of Thrones. I recently tried climbing. I’m learning to scuba dive and looking to start martial arts and surfing lessons over the summer.

What is coming next for you? And what kind of modelling work are you looking to do in the future?

I would like to make a return to doing conceptual themed shoots, dark horror related fashion imagery, and I want to create some art to be on clothing, prints, maybe get a book cover or be part of another band album art work.

I’m always interested in doing more latex cosplay. Coming up next is my Lady Allura’s Latex Freddy Krueger shoot. 😀 I have some very secret plans with a latex company to do lots of custom latex heavy rubber in the coming year.

We really can’t wait to see that heavy rubber shoot! ;). If you’d like to see more of Kira Krueger, then please go to or check her out on Facebook and Purpleport.

Photo Gallery

Image Credits

Kira – Red Gloves
Photography by Miss Mash Photography
Makeup: Nina Kurzweil 

Kira – Freque
Photography: Flash Bang Wallop
Makeup: Nina Kurzweil

Kira – White Dress
Photography: Flash Bang Wallop
Makeup: Nina Kurzweil

Kira – Pony
Photography: Starwinkle Photography
Makeup: Lauren Wright

Kira – Star Trek
Photo by Evolutionary Images
Makeup: Nina Kurzweil

Kira – Stockings
Photo by Toxic Imaging

Kira – Decadence
Photo by Click Click Bang
Makeup: Nina Kurzweil 

Kira – Teacher
Photo by John Farrar Photography
Makeup: Nina Kurzweil 

Kira – Reflection
Photo by John Clarke Photography
Makeup: Samantha Gardner 

Kira – JY Marquis
Photo by JY Marquis Photography
Makeup by JY Marquis
Hair by Gloom Cookie


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