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Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Arathin’s an alternative/fetish model with a beautiful,  natural and earthy quality. With her fine curves and lashings of elegance, she’s a debonair model in the very finest sense. She also happens to be incredibly articulate and a little bit of a latex aficionado.

So without further ado, say hello to Arathin.

What was the first piece of fetish wear that your purchased and what was the first piece that you modelled?

The first piece of fetish wear that I bought was a short, black PVC skirt when I was around seventeen. I had let out my inner goth about a year earlier and was still experimenting with materials and styles, so PVC was just another cross off the list.

The first fetish piece that I modelled, however, was a black satin corset. I wore that together with a long PVC skirt and high platform heels, so I actually covered three fetish elements in one shoot.

How did you get into modelling latex in the first place?

My curiosity about latex grew in time with me getting bored and annoyed with PVC. For a couple of years I was making my own clothes in PVC, mostly to wear for fetish parties. I quickly discovered that it was difficult to make things exactly the way I wanted to – mostly because the fabric wouldn’t sit tight enough in some places and there’s only so much you can do with lacing.  And I never managed to get that perfect neckline. I basically felt that PVC limited me in my creativity and latex seemed so much more fun with all the options of colours and thickness, not to mention the stretch and fluidity!

In latex I found the perfect material that would both be form-fitting, flowing, and with a perfect shine. So my fascination for it started well before I got into modelling it. Through a Swedish photo blog site I got into contact with the owner for Maebelle Latex and I asked if she needed another model for her designs. In the fall of 2011 I did my first shoot for her and after that I was truly hooked!

What are your thoughts on latex clothing in general?

I have what you could call an aesthetic fetish for latex. I love the way it combines the classic aesthetic core elements of beauty and the sublime. You can pretty much create anything with it, only your technical skills set the boundaries. And the shine! There really is nothing quite like black latex gleaming in the sunlight. Yes, it can be quite uncomfortable to wear when it’s really hot or really cold as it doesn’t breathe, but I have always enjoyed a challenge.

When it comes to its place in fashion, I could write miles about that one! Actually, I did write about it when I did my Masters Thesis about fashion, fetish and control. I think it has its own place in fashion, together with corsets and bondage elements. High fashion has always loved looking at subcultures and borrowing from them. Latex is just one thing designers like to use. As some of the major high fashion designers has used latex since the 1980s, it has really created its own place in fashion.

6. Photo by Kitty Carol
6. Photo by Kitty Carol

You like to respond and interact with your audience. Which responses from the public have you liked the most?

I think it’s important to let my fans know that their support matters. Without them I wouldn’t reach out to as many as I do, and it means a lot to know that my art is appreciated.

My favourite responses have been from those who comment on a picture as a whole (including styling, editing and overall feel), and not just my looks. Yes, my appearance is my work tool but I want the whole photo to be stunning, not just me.

Your shoots always have an earthy/natural quality to them. They have a feeling of space and room to breathe. Is that something that you consciously like to incorporate? Or is that just Swedish nature?

Thank you! I do prefer to shoot outside rather than in a studio, for a couple of reasons. Partly because I feel so much freer when outside, and it’s a lot more fun to work with my surroundings than just a blank wall. It also allows me to portray my photo shoot character a lot easier as I can put her in an environment. With that said, whenever I do shoot in a studio, I make sure to work with someone who can work with artificial light as well as build a set so as not to make it flat and dull.

You seem very meticulous and thoughtful with your outfits. How much time and planning do you put into your combinations?

It depends on the shoot, but I can spend hours figuring out the perfect outfit. I have even been known for planning a shoot for several months up to a year before it actually took place. But I never deem an outfit perfect until about five minutes before the actual shoot as I always bring extra accessories, just in case.

Who would you like to work with in the future?

Oh wow, there are so many! When it comes to models I have a couple of co-shoots in discussion, but one dream lady of mine is my dear friend and top inspiration Tea Time. I would also love to work with Elisanth, Miss Polli, Dani Divine and Kay Morgan. Dream photographers are Iberian Black Arts, Idollphamine, Ayria Lovett (Photo-Art-Design), coJac Photography, Luci Alice Photography and Deadpixels, just to name a few.

As for designers I dream of working with Vanyanís, Pandora Deluxe Latex, Dark Embrace Handmade Accessories, Mico Couture, Dawnamatrix Designs and Gore-Couture. There are many more in all categories but that list would fill up several pages.

What favourite things would make up your perfect shoot?

The perfect shoot is a combination of all things: the perfect photographer to help me bring my idea to life, the right clothes and accessories to set the character, the proper location to help create the right feeling and also a well fitting makeup and hair style to set the entire look. If only one thing is missing it won’t be perfect, and I always aim for perfection in my shoots.

What’s next for you modelling wise?

Next up are some shoots with other models as well as a couple of really big shoots that I’ve worked on for a long time. I’m exploring some new directions in my themes and will be taking a turn towards the darker side – if everything goes as planned, of course. I haven’t done any proper gothic shoots for a long time and so I want to go back to that. I still want to mix it up with some fetish elements though as that is becoming something of a trademark of mine. I’m also exploring the world of steampunk and am working on creating my own little take on it, as well as working on some horror themed shoots. I am a huge fan of H P Lovecraft so creating something inspired by his works is something I have had on my mind for a long time. I also hope the upcoming year will see me in more publications than before. Hopefully 2015 will be the year in which that will come to life.

If you’d like to see more of Arathin, please run along to:

TwitterTumblr, Facebook, Instagram, Model MayhemCreative Dreamlands of Arathin



1. Photographer: Josefine Jonsson Photography & Retouch
Latex: Maebelle Latex

2.Photographer: Natalie G Sundling
Latex: HMS Latex
Gloves: All you need is Gloves
Accessories: HairJems

3.Photographer: KT Twisted photography
Latex: ASD Latex
Jewellery: CuriologyOnline

4.Photographer: Josefine Jonsson Photography & Retouch
Latex skirt: Maebelle Latex
Corset: Viola Lahger
Fascinator: Miss Overdose

5.Photographer: Natalie G Sundling
Latex: Westward Bound
Gloves: All you need is Gloves

6. Photographer: Kitty Carol
Latex: Westward Bound
Gloves: All you need is Gloves

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