Archive: Disney on Demerara – Joe Black & The Neon Moon Club

Swooping onto the stage like Cruella de Vil, Joe Black is quite frankly glorious. Sexual, beautiful, animated and dangerous; he’s a first class monster to behold.

Sumptuous make up, wonderful stockings, big, big lips, big, big lungs … and those long leather gloves … hmm, how marvellous, wicked and decadent. Cute eyes, too!

‘Gorgeous legs’ says one of the ladies in the crowd. ‘Oh, I agree,’ says another.

‘I LOVE his heels,’ says a third.

It’s safe to say that everyone in the leather, latex and lace filled audience envied his get up.

Joe’s act whips wildly between teasing and flirting with the crowd, to teasing and flirting with the rest of the performers. He even turns an instrumental piece of music into a freaky-funky super drag work out.

The performance is so fun and enjoyable that you’d be happy to be tied up in a dungeon while watching him play. And what a hoot and a holler from hell that would be.

Joe Black’s a perfect example of how it often never pays to play it safe. This isn’t so much of a drag-act, but a Joe-act.

A unique ecstatic rhapsody filled with howling, whooping, cheer gas. What a coolly animated she-devil.

Joe Black (Black Cravat Photography)

And what about the rest of the night? Phantasmagoria at The Neon Moon Club was super-fun! And so was the crowd – the naughty minxes and masters. It was a good night, and strangely relaxing, and lovely to see so much steampunk and fetish-wear on display.

As for the acts: Kiki Lovechild mimed the balls off of Lady Gaga. Kiki Beguin was utterly beguiling and seductive – so much so that she caused a pretty lady to lean over and tell me she has a lingerie fetish. Exotic Luna Rose was gorgeous, buxom, beautifully tattooed, and perhaps one of the naughtiest burlesquers I’ve seen this year (whoops all round for that one).

And finally, Good Gracious and the cockroach racing were both far beyond epic. Plus, how cool was the piranha in the jar?

All in all, Neon Moon’s Halloween was fucking phantasmagoria!

P.S. Unless I happened to be hallucinating at the time, the answer to Joe’s question about whether David Cameron was in the building or not is … I think it was the guy who was head to toe in latex*.

*not me. I only wore a latex waistcoat 😉


MG was at The Neon Moon Burlesque Club, Cambridge, UK.


Images courtesy The Neon Moon Club and Black Cravat Photography

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