Welcome to Mardi Gras magazine…

Mardi Gras aims to explore Sex, S&M, Fetish, Drag and Burlesque. Along with anything else wicked that comes our way.

What’s it all about?

That’s a funny old question. I’d like to think of Mardi Gras magazine as that sweat soaked girl/guy with running makeup you meet in a bar. You know the type – fangs, lip gloss and love in the gutter.

Everyone needs one of those in their life.

But really it’s about creating something that’s fun and free and colourful.

The first seeds for this little bastard were sown in 2010 when attending the now defunct Burlesque Bar in Fitzroy – a fine little neighbourhood in Melbourne, Australia. I only visited as a simple punter, but after having such a great time seeing Madame Natalia and the staff at the bar I decided to write about the show for an online magazine called Laneway. You can check it out here. Thank fuck I remembered a lot of the night verbatim as that’s what made up the bulk of write up. I just went with it and the little thing seemed to flow. That’s where the idea first came from.

As for the title and the subject matter…well these are a collection of things that I really enjoy. So why not write about them, cover them, and explore them?

The title is really what is – a party. A dress up party with all manner of fun and games going on. It’s straight, gay, whatever. It doesn’t need to have a badge on it.

So whether you want something to read on your way home from the fetish club or something to flick through on your way into work (possibly the same thing) then this little online magazine is for you.

We’ll see where things go from here…


Vi ses…

Mardi Gras



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