Those Righteous Freaks and Sweethearts (Support your renegades in 2018!)

I wanted to write something fun to accompany the slightly heavier Odyssey / Constellation / Big Bang / Milk Way piece. That was more personal, this is more promotional, but not for me. This is about burlesque shows all over Great Britain.

This country offers so much art and an incredible amount of humour and performance. And it always has done. We have a great history of the stage and of cabaret performance, so why should times change? We need to keep things going in order to evolve. To keep pushing ourselves as humans.

I voted to remain, but in times of Brexit we need to support our British businesses…in this sense…the producers and performers all over the country who work hard to put on great burlesque/cabaret shows or even fetish clubs. The people who put their ideas out to the public. The people who take risks, accept challenges, overcome difficulties to bring you entertainment.

And it’s a competitive world – especially in London and other big cities. Shows and performers come and go…some retire, others fall apart…but a lot of them continue despite the odds.

As for the two year odyssey I’ve been on…I’ve seen many things in the past few years. Some terrific, some strange, some daring, others just plain fun. Performers work hard, producers probably work even harder. It’s a tough life; enjoyable, but at times cruel. It takes guts to get up on stage. I did it at 19 playing in a thrash metal band, imagine doing it in your 30s or 40s with two kids and a full time job (or another combination of things to juggle). These performers are the brave. I admire their lack of fear, their desire to put as much of themselves out there as possible. You can’t help but fall in love with their hunger, their attitudes, and their imaginations!

If you’re reading this and you haven’t been to a burlesque show or something along those lines, or if you’ve been once or twice, then get out there and go. Or go more. Go every week or every month. Experience them. Don’t just have a taste – gobble them up! I have and I’m still greedy for more!

So support our renegades! Give them the attention they warrant and the respect they deserve! Don’t keep putting your money into the hands of Netflix or Amazon or Sky or the BBC – go out and see real drama and performances.

A lot of shows contain a mix of glamour, humour, surrealness, and a social conscience. This is entertainment that allows you to not only laugh your arse off, but think about the world around you. For me that’s the best kind. It might seem like a pretty, make up caked fuck off, but it’s not. So many performers and shows look into serious matters like mental health, equality, gay and lesbian rights, homelessness, life-threatening illnesses, politics, censorship, free speech, animal welfare, and probably a whole load for subjects I haven’t even thought of! Burlesque and cabaret is a pretty broad piece of graffiti…

So it’s simple: Support your renegades in 2018!


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