Promo: Bristol Burlesque Festival 2017 (21-23rd September)

Bristol Burlesque Festival starts on Thursday 21st September and runs until Saturday 23rd. Featuring a HUGE amount of talent from the UK, Europe and beyond, it promises to be mayhem wrapped up in glitter and gorgeousness wrapped up in madness.

Run by two Bristolian performers/promoters in Tuesday Laveau and Dis Charge, the festival offers a ripping amount of fun for the regular burlesque goer, and a whole ton of colour and excitement to the newcomer.

Here’s Tuesday to tell you and us a little bit more about the festival…take it away Tuesday!

How many years has Bristol Burly festival been running? And how will this one differ from previous years?

Bristol Burlesque Festival is now in it’s fifth year and we are kicking butt and taking names. We are continuing our proud tradition of showcasing diverse bodies and political acts by badass Renegade Strippers.

We have two dance workshops happening at our sponsor, Pink Kitten Dance School for you to work up a sweat, then you can cool of with bespoke cocktails courtesy of our sponsor Licor 43.

There will be a range of vendors selling sassy dancewear, pasties and accessories and for the first year, we have Bristol Burlesque Festival merch, so you can keep the BBF Badassery with you year round.

To see what other surprises we have in store for you this year, you’ll just have to come to show!

Who and what can we expect to see on stage? What variety of performers do you have? Will it be badass?

We are showcasing local, national and international Burlesque, Drag and Pole talent. We are so proud of all the Bristol Babes we will be featuring, including Rhiannon White, Tiger Tiger, Anna Frost, Teeze D’Neez, Ally Katte, Dis Charge and me – Tuesday Laveau!

The UK has an incredible wealth of Burlesque talent and we are so excited to have the cream of the crop including: Rushin Blue, John Celestus, Fantastic Ms Fanny, Felicity Furore, Alpha Bites, Velvet Jones, Bonita Boudoir, Bettie Pig, Ophelia Wilde, Kheski Kobler, Good Ness Gracious, Rubyyy Jones, Bonnie Knockers and Sandy Sure.

We also have performers jetting in from Belgium, Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand and the USA  to come together and create some Badass Burlesque, including Gloria Zsa Zsa Zsu, Zizi Zinnona, Frankly Frankie, The Nicole Henriksen Experience and Trixi Tassels.

The jewel in our Burlesque crown comes in the sparkling form of our two headline acts: Knockout Noire from Oslo, the sepia siren of Norway, the mic drop of burlesque. Among the pioneers of Norwegian burlesque, she is the first dancer of colour in Scandinavia, taking Europe by storm.

Jeez Loueez, from Chicago, USA is an award-winning performer known as The Honey Badger of Burlesque! A lethal combination of drama, hilarity, and killer kinetics – a powerhouse that’s taken stages across the country by storm!

You have three shows – Exclusivity, Renegades and Paradise – what will we see in each one? How different are the shows from each other?

Exclusivity takes place in the red velvet splendour of our home venue Smoke & Mirrors. This show is up close, intimate and EXCLUSIVE. We have an early show for early birds and a late show for night owls, take your pick.

Friday night we are releasing the Renegades! The revolution may not be televised, but it can be found on our Bristol Burlesque Stage! This event takes place in the beautiful, freshly refurbished Bristol Improv Theatre.

We close out the Festival on Saturday night back at the Bristol Improv, feeling GREAT!  Sit Back, Relax & Watch Us Smash The Patriarchy. Free your mind & your ass will follow!

Are audience members encouraged to dress up? If so, what would you love to see on show?

Yes! We encourage our audience to dress up to their heart’s content, let out the true you.

What is Bristol like for Burlesque/Cabaret/Drag etc performances?

Bristol has a vibrant arts scene that continues to grow and blossom, both Dis and I have worked hard to nurture the young, Bristolian talent around us.

What are the venues for the shows? And how much are tickets?

Thursday 21 September is at Smoke & Mirrors, tickets are £12.50
Friday 22 September is at The Bristol Improv Theatre, tickets are £13.50
Saturday 23 September is at The Bristol Improv Theatre, tickets are £13.50

Feel free to add anything else here:

We can’t wait to welcome you to the show!


Should be FUN! You can find out more and buy tickets from 

Photo credits:
Dis Charge & Tuesday Laveau by TBP Photography
Logo by Bristol Burlesque Festival

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