RUMBLE ROULETTE RUMBLE! MG @ Cabaret Roulette 2016


MG at Cabaret Roulette 2016

Evolution, Bedlam, Pleasure, Revolution. All four shows we’ve attended in 2016. All FUN!

I’m very happy to say this is all 100% original Cabaret Roulette performances + 100% original MG text. This isn’t like buying one of those cheap ‘Best of’s from a petrol station only to find a note in the inlay saying ‘songs not performed by original artists’!!!

Anyway, imposters firmly bumped aside, it’s time for a little FUN!

Each show has a little snippet below. then follow the link at the end of the snippet to the full feature. Got it? Good!

So without any mucking around, let’s Rumble-Roulette-Rumble!


The first one! And a cherry Bopped! As I said in my event feature, I’d been wanting to get along to this show for quite a while but for some reason it just hadn’t worked out. But this time it did. If you haven’t read the whole piece, then here’s a little bit of the show…


“…Ruby Wednesday blasted onto the stage covering all of the elements (fire, water etc…) and I think if I’m not mistaken, some kind of Pokemon theme (apologies if wrong). Ruby’s act, featuring at least twenty to thirty different song clips, involved exquisite timing. No, make that incredibly exquisite timing. This really was a well tuned act involving split second adjustment to the element themed music. A very clever act and I loved the ‘FUCK!’ ending…”



“You say BED, I say LAM”
Anna Lou Larkin

And. Our. Snippet. Is…

“…Mohican. Straitjacket. LOU SAFIRE standing positioned behind a prop that makes him appear like Vishnu (apologies if wrong). It’s Lou’s usual badass self kicking our hearts around. Flaming tongues, fiery bellies, fire dancing and moving to the sound of Bjork’s Army of Me. Awesome. A hell of a good way to end the show!”



Some serious sex appeal in this one!

How glorious!
And steamily sexiful.
But also…
Really, really smart.
Get. A. Load. Of. This. Act.
Feathers. Glitz. Beautiful lips.
Naughty knickers, cheeky underwear.
Orgasms, writhing around, raunchy dancing…
And then…
Up pops a dummy in the mouth, a BIG bottle of baby oil…
Cue lots and lots of mayhem involving dummies, baby oil and everything else.
Gallons of mayhem.
Mayhemy, you might say.
And then…
Just when you think it couldn’t go any further in mayhemy mayhem..
A PAIR OF MASSIVE LIPS are revealed…and attached to Evelyn’s face.
This is like something Grace Jones would do.
How fucking awesome was that act?



Viva La Revolution!


Sweeeeet…in our eyes he’s The Ultimate Badass! (he is!) What’s he doing this time?

Dave ‘BIG HAIRY GROWLER’ Bear wanders through the crowd towards the stage…he’s dressed as a LATEX MATADOR!!! Wowsers – rubber trousers (got a few pairs myself), he’s a winner of hearts all over the land and all the way off it as well!

Growler swings his cape, “whupp, whupp, whupp, whupp!” Kisses the muscles, poses, sweeps his body and begins to pull away the dressing. It’s. A. A. A.

A big bear striptease!

…a big rubber bear getting less rubbery and oh so very bare…

And that’s it! Just a pair of rubber knickers!

An Agent Provcabear!

With the stage littered with latex, someone has to do something about all that discarded rubber…

Lilly: “Dare you to lick it!”

Pi: (slightly disgusted face)

Lilly: “Go on!”

Lilly and Pi have a little lick-lick of the latex. [to be fair latex is very fun…especially when you take it out of its storage bag and it goes ‘wobble-wobble-wobble’ and you think ‘oh, f***! I have got to wear that for sure! Yum!”



For more adventures in cabaret, please zip along to


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