Help Crowdfund Pin Up! The Movie

Okay, so last year we wrote a couple of pieces about a really awesome documentary film project called Pin Up! the Movie. The film looks back at the history of pin ups and its contemporary form. It’s an exciting, wild, beautiful, gorgeous, and above all else, intelligent voyage through an incredible genre of art and performance.

The film’s director, Kathleen Ryan, took a little time to update on us on how things were progressing and to tell us how ourselves and any one else reading can help to finance or support additional components of the film. In some cases all you have to do is CLICK FOLLOW!

Hi Kathleen, it looks like things are going really well. What has the response been to the film?

It’s been great! We won best documentary at the Big House Los Angeles entertainment festival and we’re scheduled to be at Comic Con later this year. They have an independent film festival there in about a month which is super exciting. It’s huge. And then they also have an online screening room where you can watch if you can’t get to the festival, so the film is going to get out to a big audience.

Then we’ve got screenings at places like Sexhibition in the UK in August, and we’re going to be at Tiki Kon in Portland, Oregon, next month and then we’ve got some other things on the horizon. We’ve got some potential interest in Australia, New Zealand and maybe Sweden as well. And then one in Texas and maybe a second one down in Florida. There’s a lot of stuff happening. Since the beginning of the year we’ve basically had one screening a month, so that’s really good.

What kind of feedback have you had?

People seem to be really loving it. I posted something on our site from Mozzy Dee, who is a pin up from Albuquerque, she’s not in the film and she was just really, really excited about being able to show off the culture.

At our premiere, we had a women who came up to me afterwards and said ‘I thought I knew everything about pin up but I’ve learned so much about the history from your movie that I just wasn’t even aware of’. So to me that’s really gratifying because it tells me we’re doing the right thing. And we’re balancing out the background and history that maybe people weren’t quite aware of. It’s something more than the models that were on the aircraft during WWII or Bettie Page. And it’s really nice that people understand that.


What have the pin ups in the film said about it?

I think they’re really excited. The nice thing is we’re trying to get everyone to be a part of these screenings if they want to and to see it on the big screen. Dapper Dan Doll was pretty funny the first time we did an excerpt screening in Colorado. She said ‘my head’s really big’! So that was pretty funny. It’s weird to see your face on a twenty foot screen so I understand that reaction!

People seem to really love it. When we screened it at Big House LA a lot of the girls from Los Angeles were there and after we got through the credits there was a standing ovation, which wasn’t what we expected, but that was telling me we were doing things right.

When will the film be available online?

We’re currently running a crowdfunding campaign for the distribution. If you want to be on Netflix or iTunes, they want to deal with studios. They want to deal with people who have a lot of films to give them. So for an independent film maker it can be hard to crack that barrier. The crowdfunding campaign we’re doing with seed and spark, one of the things if we get to 500 followers is that we qualify for their distribution so they would be our distribution person for us and they have deals with Netflix and iTunes and Amazon etc. So that would be really, really good to be able to do that.

Part of what the campaign is doing is not only the distribution side but also the interactive documentary that coincides with the film. So I’m featuring the girls in the film but I’m also featuring girls who will only feature in the online version, which is nice because I’ve got a whole bunch of girls who no one has seen to talk about the project and be involved.


One of the things I’d like to do is when we were at Viva, we met up with Millie Michelle in Las Vegas, and she took us around all her favourite places and I’d like to be able to do that sort of thing which the other girls who are in the film. It would be fun to see them like that. When she and I were together we went to the Burlesque Hall of Fame and we were talking to people there, we met an Elvis, so she was goofing around with an Elvis, so those sorts of things are things that we don’t always see or capture when you’re sending the stuff that are in your files. So it’s nice to see that.

We’ve got about fourteen-fifteen new girls that we’ve featured. There’s also two models from Norway and Ria Fend from the UK and another from Singapore who is currently in Colorado right now. So we’ve got people all over the world and I’d love to tell there stories as best as possible.

We’re also part of the Untold Story crowdfunding rally. Seed and Spark teamed up with Project Green Light digital and Project Green Light is a really big advocate of documentaries. So what they’re doing is they’re offering 20k in matching funds for one of the films in the rally and in order to get there you need at least 500 fans and have also met a certain percentage of the goal.

We’re good on the money – we could always use more – but we’ve met the minimum. The next step is to get the 500 followers. We ideally need between 600-800 or more so we can compete with the other films that are there. We’ve got a little bit of a way to go so I’m asking people to spread the word! The brilliance of following is following is free! All you have to do is go onto the page and click follow!

The crowdfunding campaign ends at noon PST on July 1st. Run here to follow!  You can also find out a huge amount more about the film by visiting their regularly updated Pin Up the Movie blog.

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