Ladies and Gentlemen you have a great opportunity to help crowdfund an exciting new sci-fi fetish film. The film is titled Post-Human Perversion and it features an original premise, a very cool cast, and an array of incredibly vivid latex costumes by Libidex.

You can help crowdfund Post-Human Perversions by visiting their Indiegogo page.

Director Matthias Von Braun took a little time to answer some quickfire questions about Post-Human Perversions. 

Hi Matthias, the film looks great. What is it about?

It’s a science fiction fetish film with androids and cyborgs. But really it’s about human sexuality and desire. I’m using a futuristic environment and characters to explore human sexuality without the limitations or expectations of contemporary society.

Who have you cast for the film?

Some of the most beautiful models and performers in the UK including Portia Victoria, Zara DuRose, Raven Lenore, Dru Lynch and Emilie Lynch Williams.

Sci-fi can take on many guises. Where are you shooting the film?

The film will be shot entirely in London. But it won’t be a London that you’re familiar with.

How much (if any) of the film has been shot?

Principle photography hasn’t begun yet. But I have shot one scene and some establishing and insert shots.

Post Human BTS1
Emilie Lynch Williams by LatexFashionTV

Tell us about the Libidex costumes:

Libidex are one of the top latex designers in the world. And they have a history of supplying latex to the film industry. They have very generously offered me a discount because my production has a limited budget.

Besides the costumes, how much fetish content will there be?

There will be lots of fetish and sexual content in the film. There won’t be any random scenes of whipping though. Everything that happens in story serves the plot. I’ve been told by performers that have read the script that it’s very extreme but I don’t think so.

Emilie Lynch Williams looks terrific with her bald head. Did she cut her hair for the role? 

Emilie already had very short hair when I approached her to be in the film. I asked her to shave her head and I think like any true artist she was excited about creating unique imagery.

Post Human BTS7
Emilie Lynch Williams by LatexFashionTV

Sci-fi and fetishism go together quite well. What are your hopes for the finished film?

I don’t have any commercial expectations for the film but I would really like to think that it will find an audience of people that will enjoy it.

What do you need financially to complete the film?

I really need to raise another £10,000 to make the film and I still believe that’s possible before the crowdfunding campaign on indiegogo ends.

So there you have it – Post-Human Perversions sounds like an exciting film!

Please visit Post-Human Perversions for more info and an opportunity to help crowdfund this superb looking production.


A Behind the Scenes clip courtesy of LatexFashionTV


Images and video credit LatexFashionTV
Costumes by Libidex

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