MG chats to Lady Tigra

“I feel sexy and free with rubber on…and I love the smell!”

Lady Tigra is one of those enjoyable human beings who not only owns a unique and beautiful face coupled with a cool and pleasant personality; she also happens to own a stunningly wicked and soothing demeanour.

In short, Lady Tigra’s a little bit of a treat!

As you’ll read in her interview below, wearing latex can actually cause Lady Tigra a little bit of discomfort due to an illness called fibromyalgia, which causes chronic fatigue and sensitivity to pain (among other symptoms).

We hadn’t previously heard of fibromyalgia, but from what we’ve now read, we have to say she’s a real trouper for enjoying her modelling so much. Despite her discomfort, Lady Tigra enjoys wearing and modelling in latex to the point where it causes her a great deal of happiness and pleasure. If latex is a tonic for Lady Tigra, then Lady Tigra herself is a tonic for us.

And I have to say we love her very much for that.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Lady Tigra

How and when did you get into modelling and wearing latex?

I started for fun with a friend many years ago, just modelling for each other. It never got really serious. I had big operation in 2011 to lose weight for my health, and after that I started to feel more confident. I started to search for photographers and I did little of everything –  dreaming but never daring to try latex. After I met my boyfriend I dared to try some latex. This was in the late summer of 2014 but I really got stuck on it! And as soon as I got more I started modelling in it for real.

You wear latex catsuits wonderfully well. How much fun is it wearing latex and doing a photo shoot? And what do you love the most about all of it?

I love it so much, it has become a life style of mine. I feel so wonderful in it, like I´m perfect when I’m wearing it. I have an illness called fibromyalgia that can make modelling extra rough on my body, but when I’m wearing latex I can forget it so much more. I feel sexy and free with the rubber material on me and I love the smell! The sound of taking it on and off is also thrilling.

Which outfits do you enjoy wearing and shooting in the most?

My catsuit from Maebelle latex is one of my darlings! I have so much fun shooting in it! I also wear it to parties, just because is so amazing! But I also love this small skater latex dress that I have. If I’m not in latex then I love fantasy and historical pieces. Long skirts and gothic style is a big part of me.

You have a very unique and beautiful face. It’s classical yet futuristic at the same time. You can dress in both Marie Antoinette style clothing and modern day latex and you don’t look out of place in either. You also look quite mysterious and very alluring. How much do you like to challenge yourself as a model and as a person when you shoot?

Thanks! I love the challenge! Jumping in to ice cold water? I will do it. Climbing a tree or a small ledge? Sure! Everything for the art! Even if it is not always or rarely good for my body I love to try new things and really want to create art! I love to do different things – it gets easy and boring otherwise!

What kind of photographers do you like to work with?

I like to work with people who know what they are doing, but also kind. They need to know what they want to and are not afraid to direct when needed. I can´t always see if my hair is in the wrong place. I like the ones that push me to do even better!

Post-mortem is a really talented photographer and artist. What is like to work with her?

I love to work with her! She really knows her thing! She is actually like a mentor to me. Helping me to get better and pushing me in the right way! I love it! I haven’t even got a word for how much I love it!

Your body paint shoots are really cool and you look awesome in paint. How much fun are they to do? Do you have any up coming body paint plans?

Thanks! Yes I do! I´m going to do an Asari with Post-Mortem. It is an alien from a big game called Mass Effect. Body paint is like therapy for me so it can be matched with the fun of latex!

What kind of fetish/modelling work are you looking to do in the future?

More latex and body paint! I’d like to maybe train to walk on the catwalk some more. I have done it before for Cyberesque and Unleashed Dekadance. But even if I model in high heels, walking in them is not my strong side!

What is coming up next for you?

I´m actually working on standing behind the camera too. Katiekat, a dear friend of mine, is helping me out. I’m also working with new people such as Arathin.

If you’ve enjoyed hearing all about Lady Tigra, then please run along to her Facebook page and check out more of her excellent work. It’s not included below, but here’s another photo that we really like. 



Photo: Qbike, Mua: Lisa K.Artistry
Photo: Carmilla
Photo: 0-orb
Photo: Dale Carlia, Mua: Lisa K.Artistry
Photo: Kitty Carol, Mua: Lisa K.Artistry
Photo: Virgine Le Gall, Mua:Fantastic Beauty – Makeup, Hair and Nails
Photo: Virgine Le Gall, Mua: Lisa K.Artistry
Photo: Zita M.Photograpy, Mua: Liselott Granath

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