MG chats to Valentine From Hell

“I’ve always painted, so it was obvious for me to get into body painting as well…I think of a human being as a canvas.”

I can’t remember when it was that we found Valentine From Hell. It was some time in 2014 and on Facebook, but other than that the details are sketchy. But what we do remember is…WOW! That face. That hair (or lack of). That attitude and feeling of fun and freedom. You sit there looking at her work and her makeup skills and think ‘yeah, this is f****** cool! I really like what she’s doing’.

Like her Finnish compatriots Sadie Scissors and Mikael Karlbom (Staring Abyss Photography), you look at V and think, ‘thank f*** they’re in this world’. They make it just that little bit more mischievous and enjoyable. Not to mention sexy and powerful. And artful, too.

Something that we really like about V and her makeup work is that she just has fun. There’s no malice about her even when she’s kicking your ass. V can look like the darkest and most devious demon that ever lived, yet still charm you into her wicked, wicked ways.

All in all, she’s an outrageously awesome stick of Finnish dynamite. And that’s definitely very cool with us.

So without further ado, say very warm and raucous hello to Valentine From Hell…

When did you first start modelling and how did you get into it?

My first photo shoot was in 1998, I think. I was on the cover of local newspaper. My mom had a friend working there as a photographer, I don’t remember a lot of it, I was just very exited about the whole thing!

In 2010 a photographer discovered me on the internet and asked if I would like to model for him. That’s kinda creepy, but I agreed. Some time later we had another shoot and then I registered on Model Mayhem, where I was discovered by another photographer and we did few shoots now and then. I’ve got more into modeling after Rock Model Of The Year 2014 competition. I made it to the final, but I didn’t win. But it wasn’t the point for me – I got to know a lot of awesome people there! After that I became more active in the community. Now I’m not that active with TFP anymore, because I have pretty good portfolio already and I’m doing that Making Hell thing.

What has been your favourite shoot and outfit?

It’s hard to pick just one. I think, maybe this cyborg-superhero photo shoot with Kimmo Koivukangas, because we were shooting on the back yard of concrete factory (we had permission to shoot there though). It was cold as hell, but I really felt awesome and epic with my long jacket and bio mechanic leggings and the gun replica.

Another one was with Krister Löfroth in Vanajanlinna mansion. It was an easy shoot, and I really love the place, it’s so fancy! And one more was Louhi shoot with Jukka Alasaari. Because I didn’t have to think about anything, all the clothes were ready and Mia Rikberg did great job with the make up! And of course I always love to shoot with Mikael Karlbom, but we’ll get there later 🙂 So I guess, the best part of being a model is to experience a lot of different situations and trying on different characters!

by Hanna-Maria Grönlind
Photo by Hanna-Maria Grönlind

Your range of looks are like a beautiful and sinister star burst. Sometimes you look like a femme fatale, other times a warrior, on other occasions you’re quite androgynous. And you look great every time! How much fun is it to enjoy your freedoms and let all your personality out like that?

Oh! I’m flattered! Of course I love it! I feel like I have all these creatures in me and that’s my way to let them out!

We’ve written about Mikael Karlbom and his photography. What’s he like to work with as a photographer? Is he fun, open, or does he make you so crazy you want to beat him with his camera?

I really love to shoot with him! We have very similar visions. While shooting he is very professional, it is not too serious or snobby. And he is way too unpretentious about his skills.

I asked Sadie Scissors the same – your shoot with VKE is really great. It’s raw, aggressive, fragile, and yet darkly beautiful. What was the shoot like to do and what is VKE like to work with? How comfortable doing a nude shoot were you?

I am very big fan of VKE’s art and I was really happy when he asked me for a photo shoot.

The photo session itself was in several 10- 15 min portions, between them we went through the photos and planned poses for the next portion. I liked to shoot with him, and I like that he is very straight with his feedback, though some people might find it offensive.

I am very comfortable with being naked on camera. I have a rule that I don’t want my photos to be perv and cheap, and for that you don’t necessarily need to be naked.

We like our fetish stuff at MG. How much fun is it getting into leather//latex/PVC + big boots and doing a shoot?

I love wearing my leather and PVC stuff! I actually never wore latex. I would like to try it one day. I bet I’ll love it!

You shaved your head last year and looked awesome. Was that something you’d planned to do for a long time? What reaction did you get and would you do it again? Did you enjoy it?

Thank you! I really loved it and sometimes I really hated it, like with every hairstyle I’ve ever had! Feedback was usually positive 🙂 It was a thing that I had to do at least once in my life. I might do it again, you never know!

By Mikael Karlbom
Bald and beautiful Photo by Mikael Karlbom

Your tattoo of the back of a corset is fucking amazing – I love it. Tell us about your tattoos and piercings:

Thank you! It’s not finished as I have a lot of stuff planned there. I guess it’s one of these never ending projects, haha! I have 2 characters there, one is a ragdoll and the other one is supposed to be some kind of swamp monster, but he looks more like a creepy pedophile, so I need to get him fixed!

The back piece is my biggest one yet. I have also “L” and “R” on back of my hands. Yep, they are for “Left” and “Right”. Also I have a cat with bat wings on my wrist and XXIX.X.MCMXCI (29.10.1991) on my calf.

For piercings, I have 2 on my lower lip, one on my upper lip, tongue and nipple. For harder mods, I have my earlobes stretched to 22 mm and I used to have a proper tongue split, but now it’s just a tip

I haven’t been to Finland yet but from what I’ve seen there is a huge amount of creative talent lurking there. How much talent is there when it comes to photography and alternative modelling in Finland?

Yes, we have some extremely talented people here. I love how dark and beautiful Finnish art is! Of course all the people I’ve mentioned earlier are very talented! And more of my personal favorites are: Murderous Maria, Shadow Self, Gottero, Henna Jyly, Jannabella, Tia X, Varpu, Neonia and for photographers: Qumma, Tomi Norrby, Lauri Majamaa, Timo Koponen, Astrid Mannerkoski, Hanna-Maria Grönlind, Mikko Niemi, Narikka Photography, Kari Vuorio, Henry Söderlund, Iiro Rautiainen, Jukka Jalkanen and so on

Tell us about Making Hell and all your makeup work – you look really really talented:

Thank you for all the compliments! I’m really happy, that people enjoy my work!

Well, I am a professional make up artist and body painter. I graduated from Makeup school Maker in Helsinki. Of course I’ve always loved to play with make up! I love every kind of art and I think of a human being as a canvas. I’ve always painted, so it was obvious for me to get into body painting as well. I wanted to do more of body painting and sfx make up, so I created my YouTube channel. I started with MMO- game characters and now I’ve added some random ones, like Marilyn Manson’s self portrait, Sweeney Todd and so on.

On Making Hell fb page I post all the things I create: from make up to DIY to dreadlocks.
I really need to thank Mikael for all the support with Making Hell as I was very anxious about putting my work online. He cheers me to keep going and helping me with technical stuff. I’m very grateful to have him by my side.

Easy question to finish – describe yourself, your modelling and your skills in a handful of words 

That’s not easy at all! I guess I just love to sleep, eat cake and create art, ha ha!

If like us you’ve fallen for the charms of Valentine From Hell, take a look at her and all of her makeup and modelling on Facebook and tumblr.  She also has a dedicated Facebook page for all her cool makeup work – Making Hell.



1: Photo Hanna-Maria Grönlind
2: Photo by Juha Immonen
3: Photo by Jukka Alasaari
4: Photo Jukka Jalkanen
5: Photo by Kari Vuorio
6: Photo by Kimmo Koivukangas
7: Photo by Krister Löfroth
8, 9, 10, 11: Photos by Mikael Karlbom (Staring Abyss Photography)
12 Photo by Mikko Niemi
13 Photo by Teemu Kivekäs
14 & 15: Photos by Tomi Norrby
16: Photo by VKE – Fine art photography 

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