MG chats to Miss Metnal

“I do feel very sexy in my latex dresses. There’s something special about that material. You feel powerful, sexy, and just freakin’ fabulous!”

Sweden’s Miss Metnal is one of those fantastic models whose face changes with every shoot they do. I can look at three different pictures of Miss Metnal and see three different faces staring back at me.

In one, she’s like an animated version of a 1950s pin up drawing, in another she’s a dark and decadent vampire. Throw in a few David Lynch style screen sirens and you’re almost there. She’s also incredibly playful when it comes to latex and fetish shoots, which of course, we at MG absolutely love.

When you think of it, Miss Metnal’s a kinky candy cane of chaos.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Miss Metnal…

How did you get into pin-up and fetish modelling?

I never wanted to be a “model” as a child or teen. To me a model was someone who was way taller and way skinnier than I would ever be. I always wanted to work with horses or as a firefighter. Horses were my life growing up. In high school, my best friend got a camera and we took some pictures. I loved it. We did a lot of fun photo shoots, and together we had a lot of crazy ideas and I could act out and use my creativity. So after that, I got stuck on it.

When my modeling progressed I tried a lot of different styles, mostly fashion. I’ve never cared about fashion, so suddenly you had to think of what you wore in the sets. And that was pretty hard. I’ve borrowed a lot of clothes from my two smaller sisters. But after I tried that I wanted something else.

One day I bought a lovely orange latex dress through Facebook. And after that, a lot of money was spent on latex clothing and I got the chance to experience the fetish scene, with the support of a photographer I got to know, who is now a really good friend to me.

I love the pin-up themes because it’s like a whole new world, the clothes, the makeup, the hairstyles, finding locations (which is extremely hard) and the feminine sexiness and joy in the pictures. I love to smile in the photos, and sometimes I might do it too much…

One photographer told me once during a latex shoot: “Don’t smile that much, this isn’t pin-up photography!” But I actually think that my smile would be the one thing that might separate me from the other models in the latex scene, so why not embrace it instead?

Your work seems pretty unpredictable – one minute you’re a cutesy model, the next a vampish shit kicker, another time an action movie heroine, after that you’re a femme fatale. Is that element of surprise in your work something you really enjoy?

Yes, absolutely! I think one of the best things about being able to stand in front of the camera, as a model, is the chance I have to transform into different characters.

I have Ophelia Overdose as one of my many inspirations, although I would never be able to take my modelling to even close to her level with all the amazing wigs, clothes, make-up and ideas that she creates, but I still think it’s fun to have variety.

I think later on in life, when I’m not modelling anymore, I might turn out to be one of those hardcore cosplayers, just so I have a reason to play dress up 😉

Photograph by Tobias Walka

How much do you like to test yourself as a model with regards to your shoots?

A lot! Usually my ideas are way over the top. But I have learned over the years to take them down a notch so it will be possible to fulfil the idea, and make the shoot still look good. I work with the tools that I’ve got.

I wouldn’t have any problem posing with a reptile or a wild animal, or standing in a hole in the ice on a frozen lake, or hanging in wires from a bridge. I have a ton of ideas!

I would try almost anything to get a good picture. The problem is that it’s hard to find the props I want to use, or the location, or the photographer that wants to be a part of my idea or that the location is too far away. And sometimes life just gets in the way.

How much have you changed as a model since you first started working?

I think the things that have improved the most since I started modelling are my confidence and self-image. Like a lot of teenagers and young adults I have also been struggling with bad confidence my whole life.

I’ve always been a bit chubby, so for some stupid reason I’ve always felt that I wouldn’t belong in the modelling “industry”. And I thought stupid things like “no one will want to work with me because I’m not really skinny”, and that might be the reality in the fashion industry, but I discover the alternative genre pretty early, which helped me a lot.

If you have charisma and know your poses you can go pretty far. I’ve had my ups and downs, and I discovered that I would never get anything served on a platter.

I’ve started to ask photographers if they wanted to shoot with me. I’ve got a lot of no answers, but also a lot of positive answers, and some of them had turned out to be one of the main photographers I work with nowadays. And of course, that gave me a lot of confidence, and now I think that I am pretty awesome.

I’ve also got a lot of confidence support from my lovely fiancé, who has been by my side for ten years now.

What kind of photographers do you enjoy working with?

I’ve been lucky to have worked really well with about 90% of the photographers I’ve been working with over the years. Usually photographers are open minded, outgoing and humoristic, and are hard working and skilled enough to get the perfect shoot and that suits me very well. You have to have fun during sets, or else you can’t see that in the pictures.

One of the things that I like a lot with photography is the chance I get to meet new people with the same interest as I have. I try to go to photo meetings in Sweden just to do a lot of sets with photographers I might not have the chance to work with on other occasions.

Your work seems finely poised between fun and flippant and dark and dangerous. What kind of work are you looking to do in the future? Or are you happy to make it up as you go along?

Thank you! 😀 I like that mix a lot actually. I think I will continue to do both cute and fun shoots along with dark and dangerous. As long as I feel that my work is going forward and still is fun, I think I will continue on that path.

Photograph by Carmilla Photography

How much fun do you have busting out the latex and getting in front of the camera?

I absolutely love standing in front of the camera! I would never do it if I didn’t love it! If there is a camera, my face is there. It doesn’t matter if it’s on a professional studio set or if the girl in front on me on the bus is taking a selfie – my face will be in that picture. Sometimes I wonder how many photos I’ve photobombed during the years. That would be fun to know!

Easy question – what are your favourite outfits?

Well I do feel very sexy in my latex dresses, of course! There’s something special about that material. You feel powerful, sexy and just freakin’ fabulous! 😀

Which of your shoots have you enjoyed the most?

Oh, that’s a tough one! I love to go on location shoots. I’m really looking forward to the summer when it will be easier to find great locations.

One of my first shots was done on a very old traverse, which I had on my old workplace. That hasn’t been used for around 30 years. I got the photographer, who was extremely afraid of heights, to climb up and take some photos in the old control room. He was so nervous, but still did it!

Another time I was climbing on a big rock with a dress made entirely out of wood. I’ve also taken a swim in a lake at 6 o’clock in the morning in March. I had to stand in the sauna for like two hours after that to de freeze!

And once I stood in only duct tape on a car demolition site in November. Another time I created a dress made out of bubble wrap! That was fun too! I could continue forever!

What are you working on right now? Can we expect to see further surprises in the future?

I really want to develop my modelling and the ideas I have. I want to try to do one of those ‘over the top’ shoots that I never had the chance to do.

I’m also waiting for a band called Parasite of God to release their latest album and music video “through sorrows” where I’m playing a main character. That’s my first music video, so I’m really excited about that one as well!

One future goal is to attend the Dominatrix party in the Netherlands as a model, but that might be a later project. I think I might need to establish a bit more in the fetish/ latex community first.

You can see more of the gorgeous and colourful Miss Metnal by dancing off to her to Facebook and Instagram pages.



1 & 2: Photograph by Tobias Walka
MUAH: Tanya Karlsson
3: Photograph by WillePhotography
4, 7, 10: Photograph by Carmilla Photography
(7): MUAH: Julie Blomsøy
5: Photograph by Pinmeup Studio
6: Photograph by Mikael Lundin
8: Photograph by Daniel Jonsson
9: Photograph by Tanya Avakyan
MUAH: Sofhia Stridsman

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