“In my pictures I try to move all the attention to my eyes…nothing could ever be as powerful as a single look.”

Miss Rubbex is one of those incredibly unique, talented and mysterious individuals. Part doll, part mannequin, she’s a silent decadent delight wrapped beautifully and elegantly inside several layers of slender, sumptuous latex.

As you can see, with her face enclosed inside a latex hood, her eyes become one of her most prominent and attractive features.

The more she is covered up, the more dominant Miss Rubbex becomes. It is the ultimate tease. As we will never see anything else we’re always guessing what lies beneath. It’s an interesting way to focus someone’s thoughts on the actual person behind the mask. We will never see that Bruce Wayne or Selina Kyle. We will only ever see Miss Rubbex.

By removing the person from the model she becomes a human painting or drawing or mannequin. Which is an interesting dynamic. Because the person has become art, we’re focussed on the art. But because the person is the art, we become interested in the person at the core of the art’s creation. The further this unfolds the more exciting it becomes.

As a member of the audience, I love seeing those beautiful, made up eyes peering out from behind a latex hood. On other occasions I am attracted to the head locked behind the mask and eye and mouth covers. You almost want to see how far Miss Rubbex can be locked away. More latex. More metal.

But ultimately, more can become less.

And those beautiful, tropical lagoon eyes are really worth swimming in.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Miss Rubbex.

When and how did you first start to explore both your fetishes and your art?

I felt attracted to the fetish world and I have been in contact with it practically all my adult life. I’ve been working for years as a photographer and graphic designer but suddenly, a year ago, I had the idea of using my art skills to develop my fetish passion.

Your images are beautiful, fierce and mysterious, and you really resemble a drawing or painting. How does it feel to lose yourself and become art? And how does it feel to be under those layers of latex with your eyes and mouth covered while becoming a mannequin in front of the camera?

It is a really exciting feeling; sometimes it’s similar to sex preliminaries. The latex photography allows me to be free and creative in a very different way otherwise unattainable, I become a different person, a bold person, shy less, and I am able to play the role I decide at any time, it lets me provoke and dream, play with the desire, with aesthetics, good taste and exclusivity.

What have you discovered about yourself or about fetishism since starting your adventure?

About myself, I’ve discovered the big turn on that is to become a character with a secret identity and the freedom that anonymity gives to you. Referring to fetishism… probably the fact that out there are much more fetish lovers than I could of ever thought and that the fetish world is really huge.

I read a great little post on one of your sites about how while on holiday you had to order a hood because you didn’t like being without one. How important is latex (and hoods) to you? And how would you sum up your feelings about latex and fetishism?

I remember well that holiday. I was away for like 6 weeks but it was not the initial idea that they would last as long as they did, so I didn’t take with me any of my hoods or latex outfits. When the holidays started to last so long I started to feel the urge to wear some latex and to put on my beloved hoods again, so, seeing that, I decided to order some online that arrived just in time.

I feel attraction to the idea that hoods are means of dehumanization and objectification. It’s hard not to feel de-personalized and objectified when my face is featureless, when my face looks like some other hooded face. A hooded face loses almost all its humanity to become a doll’s face, a mannequin’s face, a toy’s face. In my pictures I try to move all the attention to my eyes, the best way to show emotions… without my eyes I try to express myself with a movement, a gesture… but nothing could ever be as powerful as a single look.

Miss Rubbex

You like to connect with your fans and audience through social media. How important is this for you?

It is a very important point for me, I love to share my work and it’s an incredibly good feeling when you get lovely feedback from your followers. I am very thankful for the response people give me and I always appreciate every single comment, like or message!

Lately I have been away from the social networks and from all my followers, feeling very sorry about it. I’ve had some difficulties in my personal life that had required most of my attention but I’m glad to let you know that I’ll be back soon and that I’m planning new shootings that can be ready and published shortly.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the private messages I’ve received during my absence. The worries and the messages wondering if I’m OK and if they could help me has been such a truly emotive feeling. I’ve no words to describe all my gratitude and all the love that I’ve felt. My fans are the greatest in the whole world!!!

What have you got coming up next? Or is this a secret that we’re not allowed to be told?

Just before my absence I received by post a very special present from one of my followers, two new hoods I am very in love with! I have never received anything from any follower before so it meant a lot to me, it is not very common to receive special gifts from people who don’t know you. I am planning all my next shooting with those new hoods and hope to create something special and meaningful. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank this person again. Thank you Frank!

Finally, what’s your funniest fetish related moment?

Some time ago after taking some outdoors pictures I was on my way back home taking the underground; it was early and cold outside. The weather was a lucky thing for me because I needed to get to the location dressed up in a catsuit and I could wear a long coat. Well, I was sitting there in the subway when suddenly a mother with a little child came and sat beside me. You know how children are, curious with no shame. The little child began to touch my legs covered in latex and asked his mother: “How is it that this woman’s pants are so shiny and wet mom?”. The child’s mother looked up to me speechless. Embarrassing moment for her and funny one for me!

If like us you’re completely captivated by Miss Rubbex, then please go to missrubbex.com.


All images copyright Miss Rubbex.

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