MG talks to Sarah Kawaii

“I think I was a bit terrified of it at first but after a few drinks I was like ‘fuck it, let’s do it!’”

Standing at 5 ft 4 of flames and flamboyance, Sarah’s a kickass little firecracker with a king hell of a wiggle. With her lips, curves, latex and excellence, she’s a wonderfully delectable demon with a wicked wink and an equally wicked agenda.

All hyperbole aside, Sarah’s one of life’s good uns. A fun and enjoyable character with a big, big heart it’s a pleasure to cover her in MG. We hope you enjoy reading all about her 😉

Ladies and Gentlemen…Sarah Kawaii.

How did you get into modelling/fetish modelling? 

It’s actually really embarrassing but I started modelling about 7 years ago because I wanted nice pictures for my MySpace…. like I said, embarrassing, haha. I did actually get paid for my first shoot though and really enjoyed it so I kept at it and I’m really glad I did. I’m not even sure myself how I got into fetish modelling though. It was an accident.

How competitive is it amongst models? Or is it actually quite supportive? 

I think I’m actually kind of an outsider in the modelling world. I don’t get involved in any drama’s, gossiping or social activities so I feel like I’m a bit more of a long lost cousin of the alternative modelling family but from my own personal experience, I’ve found it very supportive.

Big lips, big hair, big eyes, big personality – what are your best assets? 

Why thank you very much! That’s very kind of you. I’m not good at questions like this to be honest… I guess my dad jokes are pretty damn sweet…. is that an asset?


Your looks range from cutesy (almost like a little anime figure), to a flame haired curvy temptress. How do you go about creating and exploring your styles? And how much fun is it to leap from one look to another? 

I kind of want to lie and say that I put a lot of thought and effort into it… but I don’t, haha. To be honest, I do much prefer the whole temptress thing over cute. I think it’s just an accidental expression of the two extremes of my personality. Yes I love lingerie and pretending I’m a sexy beast but actually I’m really just an awkward, nerdy douche bag.

You interact quite a lot with your fans on social media. How important is that interaction for you?

I think it’s mega important and I’m always grateful for every piece of support I get. I know it’s a cliché thing to say but I do have the best fans in the world and I’m not just going to ignore them to make myself look more successful I want to give them the thanks they deserve.

When and how did you first start to explore latex? And what fetish wear do you have in your wardrobe? 

I remember a few years back when latex was absolutely huge on the alt modelling scene so I wanted to give it a shot. For my first latex shoot I wore a pencil skirt, long gloves, a neck corset and 8″ platforms boots, so I threw myself straight into the deep end but I loved it! I have a lot of fetish wear in my wardrobe and props but I forget I’ve bought most of it.

Sarah Kawaii (Drew Paul)

What things do you enjoy the most about the fetish world? And what have been your most memorable experiences in your time spent working as a model and/or when you’ve been in fetish clubs? 

I adore the fashion the most. I love latex, leather, lace and studs and there’s just so much out there in the fetish world that I’m like a little kid in a candy store. As far as memorable experiences go, I’d say my favourite experience was walking the catwalk 12 times over 2 days at the Great British Tattoo Show… more outfit changes than you can shake a stick at!

You’ve done a few S&M style shoots featuring ball gags, crops and handcuffs. Is that something you’re looking to do more of? 

I think so. If I’m honest, me as a model and me as a regular person are two completely different people but I do enjoy the fun I can have as a model when it comes to exploring different things. I would definitely love to try more though. It’s been by far my most popular work yet!

How did you become involved with Latex Fashion TV? And what has the experience of being a presenter been like? 

I can’t really remember to be honest. I have the memory of a goldfish. I think the first thing we did together was presenting at Rubber Cult. I was terrible at it at first and kept fucking everything up but I learnt from the first one and improved but it was definitely so much fun to film! I really enjoy presenting and make sure I always put 110% into it.

What was the vac bed/vac cube at Rubbercult like?

I think I was a bit terrified of it at first but after a few drinks I was like ‘fuck it, let’s do it!’. I remember with the vac bed, the dude who was in it before was in a full black latex suit so I didn’t realise it went see through when I was in it! I think I was in it for about 5 minutes and I spent the whole time figuring out how to breathe through the tube but it still felt pretty cool. I think I liked the vac cube better. I kept thinking my nails were going to break but it was a really rad feeling! It felt like I was floating.

(see the video by LatexFashionTV here)

What’s next for you? What work are you keen to do in the future?

Life is pretty up in the air for me a the moment in all aspects but I have some more fetish shoots coming up. I like to just make it all up as I go along.

Finally, tell us about your sexy wink…

The sexy wink is a sight to behold. For some reason, I just find it difficult to do the simplest tasks and kind of just make a mess of things. I show people my genuine best attempt at winking but it just looks like I’m having a seizure or something. The reactions are priceless.

If you’d like to see more of Sarah, please run along like a good little bad girl/boy to Facebook or Model Mayhem.



Image credits

Image 1 & 2: Self portraits
Image 3: Richard Matthews
Image 4: Herman H Haye Photography
Image 5: Photo by Elena Isaac
Images 6-9: Drew Paul

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