Carlos Atanes aka The Pornophilospher is a unique and brilliant movie/theatre director from Spain.

His work has included the sci-fi epic, Proxima, and the apocalyptic fetish horror, Maximum Shame.

However when Carlos isn’t creating films or productions he likes to draw scenes from his favourite porn movies.

As you’ll see from his images, he’s an incredibly talented artist with a very deft and cultured hand. He also happens to be a very humble and generous man to exchange questions with.

And he’s already proving to be a bit of a hit with his subjects.

So without further ado, Carlos Atanes.

How do you go about picking which porn star and scene to draw? Or are they just personal favourites?

I make sketches for relaxing among my stressful peaks of film and theater activity. So it’s a pure pleasant work with no responsibilities which I enjoy to honor my favourite stars and those scenes that have impressed my memory. And I also do it because I think that, contrary to what foolish prejudices proclaim, Porn is full of unquestionable beauty and that’s my way of celebrating it.

Which part of the body do you start your drawings from?

I can’t remember it. When I take the pencil I enter in a sort of trance state and I am not aware of what I am exactly doing, like sex.

Will you ever turn your drawings into a short animated porn film?

I think so. I’d love it. The point is that it would require a lot of work. I made few seconds of chalk animation for my latest feature movie and I know what it is. Anyway I am sure that I’ll try it sooner or later, even if it were a very short film. It’s inevitable because I need to see my drawings in motion. But hand drawn: I don’t like computer animation, it has no magic.

Are you planning to draw any fetish models/scenes from fetish porn films?

I am not planning anything, but… Why not? In fact fetish iconography is not uncommon in my dystopian films, so it would be natural if it also “infects” my drawings.

Which illustrators influence your drawings?

If we agree on our likings are our influences, then I must say a lot of great artists. But I don’t dare to mention their names because it could seem that I am trying to compare myself with so talented people, and I am thoroughly aware of my limitations. Anyway they are just likings, not conscious influences. What I can say is that above all I like drawing as a genre itself, separated from painting. I like the line, the ink and the pencil, black and white. Grey is almost an excess for me, because I am not specially interested in painting. I like the humility and simplicity of drawing, and I pay attention on anyone who cultivates this art.


What have been the responses from the porn actresses themselves?

Very good! Sometimes, even very enthusiastic. From time to time some of them use my drawings for decorating their twitter profiles. And they say nice compliments to me. They make me blush.

What proposals have you had for drawings?

Lately I am receiving an increasing number of requests from Pornstars, their own fans and also erotic magazines. Some girls have asked me for a drawing through Twitter. I can’t attend all the requests, so I apologize. And, of course, I have my own index of priorities. But I can’t avoid being surprised and flattered due to this unexpected demand. This wonderful acceptance makes me happy.

What films/art projects are you working on right now?

My agenda is currently full of imminent stage projects. But I will shoot my fifth feature movie very soon (another “weird” movie) and I will strengthen drawing as the third leg of my work. I will continue drawing lovely ladies and collaborating with those magazines which request me for. And I would like to organize an exhibition of my scribbled papers with the attendance of my sources of inspiration. Lol!

The Pornophilosoper Drawings:
Films and other stuff:



All images copyright Carlos Atanes.

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