Fetish Antiquity – 30th Street Graphics

tumblr_lnpfohoHDX1qb38x9o1_500Where in the name of Eric Stanton can you buy retro or vintage fetish publications?

Based in the United States, 30th Street Graphics turn printed fetish publications into digital copies for enthusiasts (read kinky bitches and bastards) to buy and download.

Pretty smart. Pretty cool.

Now you can have all the Bill Wards and Bettie Pages you crave and all the Eric Stantons you can throw a rope at. You can also own some of those 60s fetish curiosities you could never work out how to find.

But it’s not only the artworks that are attractive – 30sg.com is so full of detail that it’s almost like an art gallery or an online fetish museum. Every title features insight and information into its contents and to some extent, how the artwork and publication was created. The owner of the site has clearly put in a large amount of work and dedication.

One thing that 30sg highlighted for us is the fact that today you can walk into a large magazine or book store and find titles like Skin Two or Marquis on the shelf. You can use your iPhone to see millions of fetish images from the comfort of your own bed. You can go out into a city and see people of both sexes wearing leather, PVC and sometimes latex.

We can pick and choose what we see and enjoy. We have the freedom to indulge our fetishes.

Fetish has become fashion.

It’s awesome to think that people created and indulged in this lifestyle during eras where it would have been frowned upon. In the 1950s/60s a leather skirt would possibly have been seen as racy and naughty – the wearer a slut and almost certainly decadent and morally wrong. Today women wear leather skirts to work or to pick up their groceries. You even see TV presenters wearing them on the afternoon news.

21st century fetishists are incredibly lucky.

Go check out 30sg.com.



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